A New Outlook

Try EFT for a new outlook

Love Your Life….Love Yourself!

Imagine how it would be to transform the thought patterns that hold you back and keep you small?


“Tammy is a gifted EFT Practitioner and an incredible human being. Her gift of intuition and the ability to see straight through to where you need to go allows for deep transformational healing. I felt completely safe in Tammy’s hands and I am happy to recommend her with every fiber of my being.”

Lynn Demers
Salt Spring Island, BC

Deeper Awareness

“I have been receiving sessions from Tammy for several months now and find with each subsequent session I gain deeper and deeper awareness and healing. The great thing is I don’t need to go into hours and hours of analysis. Rather Tammy is a master at creating a safe, non-judgemental and very gentle experience that brings forth profound transformation at a cellular level. I have experienced first-hand how, with Tammy’s coaching, I am able to clear major areas of negativity, repetitive patterns that don’t serve me, or areas where I am “stuck”. Again the most amazing part is the session is quick, effective and painless with profound results.”

Taryn Brady, Life Coach
Calgary, AB

genuine, nurturing spirit

“I was excited to start, but didn’t know what to expect. At first, I found it uncomfortable! It was really hard for me just to acknowledge and identify the feelings that were coming up. Over the course of each session it became easier, and I was relieved and grateful for the space that opened up in me by letting those emotions go! I was surprised often at what memories and feelings that bubbled up when I started digging through my emotional hangups! Things that I hadn’t thought of in years, but that obviously were still affecting me more than I realized. It gave me a lot of insight into myself. It gave me relief to let go of (or at least let out) some of the feelings I had been holding on to. And it gave me a chance to forgive myself for things I had been beating myself up about for too long. I think you are wonderful!! You bring a warmth and compassion to the sessions, just from being who you are. Your total acceptance for whatever came up helped me give myself permission to feel it and work through it, but your lightness and sense of humour helped me reach and recognize that (even if I wasn’t always ready to right at that moment) maybe it would be ok to let some of that go. Your genuine, nurturing spirit made me feel safe to say whatever I was feeling, and supported to try and work through it.”

Alisha H
Fort St. John, BC

new perspective

“Tammy is an exceptional EFT practitioner. My sessions with her were very authentic and professional. I was stuck in a single way of thinking for such a long time, and tapping through those individual issues has helped me to unveil a new perspective. I feel the changes in my life every time I have a session with her and I am starting to really believe that miracles happen when there is a shift in perception. Tammy guided me gently and gracefully and she really knows how to say the right words. Thank you so much Tammy!!”

Bonnie Park,
Vancouver, BC

Very Impressed

I was vacationing in Tofino with dear friends and I had a persistent cough that had lingered for about three weeks. I mentioned that I was sick of coughing and Tammy Hahn said she would try to help me. She proceeded to demonstrate tapping and verbally led me through a variety of statements to recite while performing the various stages of the exercise. She quite quickly got to the root of the problem. I was surprised how much better I felt after the session. She encouraged me to do the exercises she had taught me whenever I had breathing difficulties. I was very impressed with the effectiveness of the session and the immediate relief I felt. I have used the techniques she showed me since, and they have been very helpful. Tammy was a very patient and extremely empathetic teacher. I feel anyone she helps is very fortunate indeed.”

Nancy Frank,
Vancouver, BC

feel completely safe

“I feel completely safe, listened to and heard in the space that Tammy creates and holds for me during a session. She is a kind, caring, compassionate and skilled practitioner and she knows how to gently but firmly guide me to dig deep, to honour and give a voice to whatever comes up. I love that Tammy intuitively knows when its the perfect time to inject her fabulous sense of humour. I always come away from a session with Tammy having learned something important, gained new perspective and having released something that has been keeping me stuck and I no longer need to hold on to. I would not hesitate to recommend Tammy.”

Clare McLaren,
Vancouver Island, BC