I thought I was choosing a new career path.

Tammy Hahn Advanced Emotional Freedom Techinques PratitionerrLittle did I know I would embark on the journey of my life!

Do you ever feel like it all looks good on the outside and you’re keeping all the balls in the air but on the inside you’re asking yourself if this is all there is? What’s it all for? Have you spent so much time trying to be someone else that you’ve lost touch with yourself.

There was little I wouldn’t do to be of value

(OK, this is not exactly a torrid tell all). I worked very diligently to meet the needs I saw in front of me. I could even imagine what others might need of me so I could make myself indispensable. I used to say I could sense a feeling from across the room. I hardly had a clue what my own feelings and needs were but, then, that didn’t really matter. I was very responsible and took pride in delivering what was expected (or what I thought I needed to do to be helpful and earn the love). You could rest assured I would do a good job too. The only sure way to avoid reproach is perfection and I strove for it. Of course this kept me very busy. I needed to be loved, needed to prove that I was lovable, and needed to go above and beyond, even at my own expense to demonstrate how worthy I was. It made me a good friend, co-worker, wife but I wound up feeling resentful. I was still running the old tapes. The patterns didn’t change, just the story. I would reach for food or pour another glass of wine still knowing I wasn’t good enough.

Everything I did was to be loved or to at least lose some damn weight so I could get someone else to love me or love myself. If nothing else, I could at least stay far enough under the radar my shortcomings might not be noted in the light of day.

EFT helped me to lay the human doing to rest and embrace the human being.

As I began to use EFT regularly, I met more and more of myself. The issues weren’t at all what I thought. I had battled weight from early adolescence and everything I had undertaken was a clever guise to finally discover the secret to being thin. The real issues ran so much deeper.

  • Where was my self worth?
  • Why was I driven to take care of everyone?
  • Why did I always come last?
  • What was this all for?
  • Why didn’t I love myself enough to take care of me the way I took care of everyone else?

I didn’t even notice the results myself. I wasn’t even sure this EFT thing really worked. I experienced the benefits others were getting but I wasn’t seeing it for myself. What I did begin to hear were the comments others shared. How calm and centred I was. The confidence I exuded. How I seemed to have stepped into my life. And indeed, after feeling like I was living outside of my life, looking in through the window on the life I wanted, I had stepped in and taken ownership.

I not only loved my life but I loved Me!

Using EFT I was able to calm the incessant chatter of the voice inside my head that reminded me I wasn’t enough, orchestrated the fear and kept me playing small. I can help you find your voice.

What keeps you playing small? What is that incessant voice in your head saying? What fears are holding you back? What are you waiting for?

Calm your “crazy” using EFT and step into the life you dream of.

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